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VLSIModularPlayer File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
aviplay.c [code]Experimental functions to play sound track from AVIfile
board.c [code]Board related utility functions such as delay()
board.h [code]Definitions for target PCB hardware (VS1002/11 Eval V1.6 SK)
buffer.c [code]Global buffer for file I/O
buffer.h [code]Global buffer for file I/O
display.c [code]Functions for high level display
display.h [code]Definitions for high level display
filesys.c [code]File system functions, Implemented: FAT16, FAT32
filesys.h [code]File system interface, Implemented: FAT16, FAT32
lcd.c [code]LCD function implementations
lcd.h [code]LCD functions
lcdfonts.c [code]LCD font tables
lcdfonts.h [code]LCD font tables
loud_sa.c [code]VSDSP USER APP: Loudness-1.41
loud_sa.h [code]VSDSP USER APP: Loudness-1.41
mmc.c [code]MMC interface routines for storage.c
mmc.h [code]MMC interface routines for storage.c
player.c [code]VLSI Modular Player Main file
record.c [code]ADPCM Recording
record.h [code]ADPCM Recording
spec_rew.c [code]VSDSP Patch Code: VS1003 spectrum analyzer and WMA rewind
storage.c [code]Disk read/write routines
storage.h [code]Disk read/write routines
ui.h [code]User Interface common definitions - functions are still in player.c
vs10xx.c [code]Functions for interfacing with the mp3 player chip
vs10xx.h [code]Headers for interfacing with the mp3 player chip

All software copyright 2000-2004 VLSI Solution OY. Redistribution of these software modules are limited to promotional use only and only with the VS1011 / VS1002 / VS1003 MP3-Evakit evaluation boards. Free or commercial use of these software modules in MP3 players is ok if the product includes MP3 decoder chip(s) from VLSI. You can request the complete (compilable) package from mp3@vlsi.fi