VS1000 PC Tools

These are PC tools for VS1000-based products. Note that this list doesn't contain the VLSI Solution Integrated development Environment VSIDE. VSIDE can be loaded by clicking this link.

SPI FLASH Programming through UART

pcflash is a simple standalone program to program a SPI FLASH connected to VS1000 using UART. See the accompanied README.txt for details.

Updated: 2023-05-26
Download: pcflash110.zip
See also: VSMOD001-prog.pdf

FLASH Programming in Production of VS1000 Applications

This documents gives an introduction to different FLASH programming methods that can be used in production.

Updated: 2010-03-26
Download: vs1000_production.zip vs1000_production.pdf

VSKIT 1.34b

Legacy software development kit for programming VS1000. Includes documentation and examples. Command line version. Requires Windows. Can also be run under Wine. Now contains the developer library.

Note: The make tool (make.exe) provided in the Windows version is distributed under the GNU general public license, the source code is available from http://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/make/make-3.79.1.tar.gz .

Note: Unless you specifically want to continue a project that has been developed with VSKIT, or need to continue with an example that is only available as a VSKIT-compatible package, we recommends using the current VLSI Solution Integrated Development Environment VSIDE.

Updated: 2008-10-01 (except lib 2011-04-28)
Download: vskit134b.zip
Download: vskit133.zip
Download: vs1000b-lib-20110428.zip

Programmers Guide, Final VSKIT Edition

This documents gives information on how to write new software or augment the ROM functionality of VS1000 devices. Also information on how to change the USB descriptors and mass storage serial number are given. Vendors that plan to launch devices with USB capability should study those examples.

Updated: 2011-10-04
Download: guide_vs1000.pdf

VS1000 Libraries Document

This document gives information about the link library and ROM functions of VS1000 devices.  More function documentation will be added later. In addition to the standard C includes and libraries for VSDSP, the library package contains the documentation of the VS1000 developer library (dev1000.h libdev1000.a). The documentation is also provided in HTML for easy browsing.

This library will be peridiocally updated to contain functions that are useful when creating VS1000 applications. This library is already integrated to vskit134. Also VSIDE always contains the latest version of the library.

Updated: 2011-04-28
Download: vs1000-refman.pdf vs1000b-lib.zip
Download: vs1000b-lib-20110428.zip (Updated 20110428)

VS1000 Flash Mapper Document

This document gives information about the data format the VS1000 Mapper uses. The document contains information necessary for creating Mapper compatible images and eases rescuing inconsistent file systems.

Updated: 2008-11-25
Download: VS1000MapperV100.pdf

VS1000 Pre-programmed Player Image Generator for Nand and SPI Flashes

Software for generating Nand or SPI Flash images to be programmed with an external Nand Flash Programmer. Meant to be used in mass produced applications with static Nand Flash content.

This software replaces the earlier Nand Flash Image Generator, and can be used to generate bootable Nand Flash or SPI Flash images that contain both the player code and the Ogg Vorbis music files. It is meant for pre-programming the contents of the flash with a memory programmer before soldering the chips.

This release supports single-level-cell, single-plane Nand Flash devices such as the NAND128W or K9F2G08 and SPI flash memories in the range of 128 kilobytes to 16 megabytes (24-bit addressable) such as the Winbond W25X16, Eon EN25P16 or Intel QH25F640S33B8 "S33" series chips. Default player application software is provided. Custom player software can be made using the vskit133 compiler package. USB can not be used with this application.

Updated: 2007-11-01
Download: imggen052.zip - Version 0.52 Executable and Source Code.
Download: imggen03.zip - OLD Version 0.3. Use only if you know what you are doing!
Download: imggen-spiflash-demo.zip - Testable demonstration image for 2 megabyte SPI flash.

Nand Flash Image Generator

Software for generating Nand Flash images to be programmed with an external Nand Flash Programmer. Meant to be used in mass produced applications with static Nand Flash content. Additional code is required in VS1000 (See the "Nand Firmware 1.00"). USB can not be used with this application.

Updated: 2007-09-27
Download: vs1000-ImageGenerator-01_pb.zip

VS1000B Low-Level Format Utility

Software for Windows to low-level format a Nand Flash with VS1000B. Documentation contains the full procedure with pictures.

Updated: 2007-10-18
Download: mkformat.exe - Windows executable
Download: mkformat.pdf - Documentation

Converting mp3 files to lower bitrate Ogg Vorbis format

This document presents recommendations for basic parameters when transcoding MP3 files or compressing CD content to Ogg Vorbis format. The purpose is to give to our valuable customers information on how to create high-quality Ogg Vorbis content.This document has step by step instructions to convert mp3 files.

Updated: 2008-03-03
Download: mp3_to_ogg_converter.pdf

VS1000d Programming Tool (beta)

This is an experimental tool for Windows XP that allows uploading, programming and running of  VS1000d devices without the need for any special USB cable or switch.

Updated: 2009-08-31
Download: vs1000d-tool.zip

Note: You can use this tool to run your custom compiled .rpc programs. After searching the VS1000D device, give a command by keyboard: "rpc filename.rpc" (without the quotes) to run filename.rpc on the VS1000D.

Simple Music File to Ogg Vorbis converter

This simple graphical program allows users to drag-and-drop any music files to a VS1000 USB device using Windows to convert the file formats to Ogg Vorbis. To avoid any licensing issues, this program does not include any decoders, rather it uses DirectShow to ask Windows to decode the files.

To use the program, just extract the files to the root folder of your (VS1000) USB disk. Depending on the version of Windows, the program may or may not run automatically when the disk is inserted. If the program is not run automatically, double-click "SongTransfer.exe" to run the program.

Updated: 2009-09-11
Download: SongTransfer053.zip