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Todo List

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VFAT long file names,

Member WriteClusterChain ()
update second FAT too

update second FAT too

Member Record ()
VS1002 recording: only new sample rate values need to be calculated.

Member Record ()
second FAT table update

Member WriteDiskSector (unsigned long sectorN)
Implement WriteDiskSector()

Member playingstatetype
safe rewind

File vs10xx.c
safe rewind

VS1003 WMA "wma-bytes-left" variable adjustment at ff/rew

Member SendZerosToVS10xx ()
Timeouts for all DREQ busy loop waits!

All software copyright 2000-2004 VLSI Solution OY. Redistribution of these software modules are limited to promotional use only and only with the VS1011 / VS1002 / VS1003 MP3-Evakit evaluation boards. Free or commercial use of these software modules in MP3 players is ok if the product includes MP3 decoder chip(s) from VLSI. You can request the complete (compilable) package from mp3@vlsi.fi