VS1000 TinyPlayer

VS1000 TinyPlayer
top view
bottom view


Three-in-one functionality

1) Low cost USB memory stick

  • supports SPI Serial Flash from 8 kbytes to 16 Mbytes
  • supports standard USB Mass Storage Device *
  • no driver required

2) Standard USB Audio Device

  • USB stereo headphones
  • no driver required

3) Ogg Vorbis audio player


VS1000 TinyPlayer is an example of a very simple USB audio device that supports standard USB Mass Storage, USB Audio Device and simple Audio Player.

The system has just two active components on top of VS1000 device: low cost serial Flash and 12 MHz crystal. The TinyPlayer has standard USB "A" plug and 3.5 mm standard stereo audio connector.

The source code of the interface code is available on request.


Can be embeded in a product to support

  •   plug-and-play drivers
  •   manuals
  •   audio

 Sales of audio content

  •   new records
  •   tourist guide
  •   interactive toy
  •   miniature music player


  •   Configuration data storage
  •   USB Headphones
  •   USB Desktop Speakers
  •   VOIP Phones