Press Releases

VS1003 - Third generation Audio Decoder Date: 2005-02-25 Age: 19 yrs

Please see press_vs1003.pdf

Integrated Software Development Tools of VS_DSP Core Date: 2003-05-30 Age: 21 yrs

Please see press_VSIDE.pdf

Ultra Low power Multiprocessor DSP core Date: 2002-03-19 Age: 22 yrs

Please see press_VSDSP.pdf

New Audio Compressor Technology Halves the Storage Memory Requirement Date: 2001-11-01 Age: 23 yrs

Please see press_PlusV.pdf

Single-Chip MP3 Decoder with DAC and headphone driver Date: 2001-10-31 Age: 23 yrs

Please see press_VS1001.pdf

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