VS1000 Developer Board

VS1000 Developer Board


  • Complete simple Ogg Vorbis player that uses VS1000
  • Full Speed USB
  • Powered from USB bus
  • USB attach/detach switch
  • USB cable included
  • Clock and Reset circuits
  • Headphone interface
  • Six push-buttons and reset button
  • 16 megabytes or larger Nand Flash storage
  • OLED display
  • Serial port for debugger interface
  • Proto area
  • Pinheader for intrerfacing other cards
  • Two LED's
  • DIP8 socket for SPI EEPROM


VS1000 Developer Board is an application development board for VS1000. It features all necessary hardware for writing and testing new software for VS1000.

The board has headphone, USB and serial port connectors. The board also features an OLED display, a prototyping area and a connector for measurements and interfacing to other boards.

The board is powered from the USB bus. A switch is used to attach and detach the USB data lines. Serial port is as a debugger interface and for loading code to VS1000. The serial port can also be used in the application and for loading code to the NAND Flash or the SPI EEPROM.

The Demonstration Board has six buttons to control pause/play, volume, next/prev, rewind/forward, random play and Earspeaker Spatial Processing. Buttons are user assignable.