Technical support

Free support from the VLSI Support Team and the community is available at our our discussion forum at Note that this communication medium is public. However, in many cases the community of other users can also give valuable advice.

In matters requiring privacy, you can send email to Email to this address will be received by entire support group. The e-mails are organized in a way to make the entire support case information available to the entire support team so that any one of our support engineers can help you.

In urgent matters telephone can naturally be used as well.

Direct telephone number is +358 50 4623 203.

We do our best to answer the support questions quickly. Please remember that

  • Our time zone is GMT+2 and normal office hours 9-17.
  • Emails are answered generally in a first-in first-out basis.
  • Emails requiring the special expertise of a specific engineer may take longer to answer.

Privacy policy

The support emails are stored into our database. Any information is used for no other purposes than providing technical help. We assure that all data is used in compliance with privacy and data protection guidelines. We may use some cases as trigger to make a new Engineering Note or an item of Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) or a support forum topic, but then we will re-write the story so that no specifics of a project or customer-specific information is given out. Schematics, BOM lists and Gerber files received from customers are treated as Confidential Information and never given to other customers.

Support Services

Simple support services are provided free of charge. Since resources are divided between many customers, the support projects can not be very big. Typical free-of-charge support services include

  • Recommendations for device selection for an application from our offering
  • Reviews of customer's design issues and recommendations for workarounds
  • Reviews of customer's schematics and/or PCB layout
  • Proposals for schematics
  • Sofware Examples
  • New, relatively simple, software routines or plug-ins

If your project requires more extensive support than we can offer free of charge, we will contact you to discuss about providing such services.