VS10XX PC Tools

These are PC tools for VS1000-based products. Note that this list doesn't contain the VLSI Solution Integrated development Environment VSIDE. VSIDE can be loaded by clicking this link.

VSKIT 1.30 - Free version

  • Development tools for VS10XX and other VSDSP chips
  • Only command-line software tools, 16-bit code and data spaces
  • Note: The make tool (make.exe) provided in the Windows version is distributed under the GNU general public license, the source code is available from http://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/make/make-3.79.1.tar.gz .
  • This package is currently more recent than tools in the VSKIT package for VS1000, see the VS1000 tools page.

Modified: 2010-11-12
List of Changes: VSKIT-CHANGES
Devices: Device independent
Download: Windows vskit130.zip , Linux vskit130_linux_free_i386.tar.gz


VS10XX SPI EEPROM Programmer Tool

  • In-system programming of SPI EEPROM contents using serial port (vs3emu).
  • Contains chip-specific batch files that take the image as a parameter.
  • Contains VS10XX source code and vs3emu.
  • Some boards need a UART daughterboard to connect the serial port.

Modified: 2009-04-01
Devices: VS1003B, VS1103B, VS1033C, VS1033D, VS1053B
Download: vs10xx-prom.zip

MIDI SMF 1 to SMF 0 Conversion Tool

  • Converts MIDI SMF 1 files to SMF 0 format which can be played with VS1003, and VS1033.

Modified: 2005-03-10
Devices: VS1003B, VS1033C
Download: midicvt.c.zip

Simple ID3v1 extraction C program

  • By compiling this you can extract ID3v1 tags and print them on screen

Modified: 2000-07-21
Devices: Device independent
Download: mp3tag.c