VS10XX Plugins

Plugins are little programs that run along with the firmware and add some new features to the IC.

VS1063a Ogg Encoder 31-Band Level Meter

  • While encoding mono Ogg Vorbis, implements a 31-band 1/3-octave band level meter, range 23-24000 Hz (at 48 kHz).
  • Compatible with the VS1063a Encoder Patches package.

Version: 1.00
Modified: 2018-06-29
Devices: VS1063a
Download: vs1063a-oggencbandmeter-v100.zip

VS1053b PEQ Plugin

  • Up to 20-filter Parametric EQ independent for each output channel.
  • Up to 40-filter Parametric EQ common for both output channels.
  • Compatible with the VS1053b Patches package (without FLAC decoder).

Version: 0.70
Modified: 2017-09-11
Devices: VS1053b
Download: vs1053b-peq-070.zip vs1053b-peq.pdf

VS1053b EQ5 Plugin

  • Multi-band EQ for VS1053b with configurable frequency bands.
  • Compatible with the VS1053b Patches package (without FLAC decoder).

Version: 1.00
Modified: 2014-02-25
Devices: VS1053b
Download: vs1053b-eq5-100.zip vs1053b-eq5.pdf

Sine/DTMF Generator

  • Example code shows how to use the application hook to modify audio data on its way into the audio buffer.
  • Contains examples for dual-tone sine, separate sines for left and right, and downmixing the signal to mono.

Version: 0.50
Modified: 2009-02-02
Devices: VS1011b, VS1011e, VS1003b, VS1033c, VS1033d, VS1053b
Download: vs1003-dtmf050.zip

Spectrum Analyzer Plugin

  • Provides up to 23 analyzer bands for implementing a graphical spectrum display.
  • Handles all audio formats and sample rates.
  • A version compatible with vs1053b Patches Package (no FLAC decoding)
  • Number of bands and center frequencies customizable.
  • Now with a version for vs1063a (unfortunately not compatible with the vs1063a patches package).
  • spectrumAnalyzer.pdf

Version: 1.10
Modified: 2013-06-19
Devices: VS1011b, VS1011e, VS1003b, VS1033b, VS1033c, VS1033d, VS1053b, VS1063a
Download: spectrumAnalyzer-110.zip

VS1053b PCMMixer Plugin

  • Allows PCM audio to be played on top of normal playback.
  • 8kHz to 48kHz, exact 8, 12, 16, 24, and 48kHz possible with XTALI=12.288MHz.
  • Has separate gain control from normal volume control.
  • Compatible with the VS1053b Patches package (basic and LATM versions).
  • Now also with left and right channel versions.

Version: 1.40
Modified: 2017-06-29
Devices: VS1053b
Download: vs1053-pcm140b.zip pcmmixer.pdf

VS1053b ADMix Plugin

  • Allows MIC/LINE monitoring on top of normal playback.
  • Versions for stereo, swapped channels, mic/line1, line2, and mono downmix monitoring.
  • Has separate gain control from normal volume control.
  • Compatible with the VS1053b Patches w/ FLAC Decoder package.

Version: 1.30
Modified: 2011-11-07
Devices: VS1053b
Download: vs1053b-admix130.zip admix.pdf

VS1003b & VS1053b Pitch Shifter Plugin 

  • Implements pitch change without changing tempo.
  • Alternatively performs tempo change without changing pitch.
  • Handles all audio formats.
  • Pitch or tempo selectable in real time.
  • Demonstration of plugin by Brek Martin

Version: 1.31
Modified: 2012-04-05
Devices: VS1002d, VS1003b, VS1033c, VS1033d, VS1053b
Download: pitchshifter131.zip pitchshifter.pdf

VS1003b WMA Rewind Plugin

  • See also the newer and better WMA Webcast / Rewind Patch
  • For VS1033c see VS1033c WMA Resync Patch
  • Makes WMA Rewind/Fast forward easier by implementing resynchronization code that tries to find the ASF packet boundaries automatically.
  • Also has broadcast support (ignores file size) for web radio applications.
  • Also talks about how to adjust some streams to make them playable on VS1003b. New version does this automatically.

Version: 1.00
Modified: 2008-04-17
Devices: VS1003b
Download: vs1003B-WMA-rewind100.zip vs1003B-wmarewind.pdf

VS1011 Loudness Plugin 

  • The loudness package allows various tone controls by having twelve different frequency enhancers.
  • Roughly 1.7 MIPS computing power required.
  • Requires 1.5 KiB (380 program words).
  • Full source code and documentation in PDF format included.
  • VS1011e and other newer chips have both built-in bass and treble controls that can be used for tone control without this plugin.

Version: 1.41
Modified: 2003-09-29
Devices: VS1011a-d, VS1002d
Download: vs1011_loud141.zip

VS1003 Plugin Example

  • The Plugin example shows how to create a plugin for vs1003.

Version: 0.5
Modified: 2005-05-31
Devices: VS1003b
Download: vs1003-code-examples.zip