VS10XX Applications

These are stand-alone applications for VS10XX IC's (except VS1000). They take full control of the IC to offer new or enhanced functionality over what has been available in the ROM firmware.

VSIDE Solutions with Source Code


  • DSP Library for FIR filter implementation.
  • Full documentation with examples.
  • Contains VSIDE example solution with source code for VS1005.

Version: 1.00
Updated: 2015-04-30
Devices: VS1005g, VS1063a, VS1053b, VS1003b, VS1103b
Download: See VSDSP Forum page for VSIDE DSP Library

VS1063a UartStreaming

A VSIDE solution containing VS1063a program for standalone encoding into UART stream (460800bps), and programs for VS1063a, VS1053b, and VS1103b (IMA ADPCM only) for playing back the encoded stream with automatic resynchronization.

  • VSIDE Solution contains projects for the sender and the receivers.
  • You can change the UART baudrate.
  • MP3 encoding, can be changed to mono IMA ADPCM to support VS1103b.

Version: 1.20
Updated: 2019-07-18
Devices: VS1063a (sender, player), VS1053b (player), VS1103b (player, IMA ADPCM only)
Download: UartStreaming-120.zip (VSIDE solution), vs1063b-uartstreaming.pdf (document)

VS1063 Standalone Player/Recorder - VSIDE

A VSIDE Solution which implements button-controlled or SCI/UART-controlled standalone player and recorder for VS1063 (by default configured as recorder).

  • Plays audio files from MMC/SD/SDHC card
  • Records to MMC/SD/SDHC card
  • Includes patches for mp3 recording
  • Source code offered as a VSIDE solution
  • See also: vs10xx prototyping board page

Version: 1.52
Updated: 2018-10-26
Devices: VS1063a
Download: vs1063-standalone-vside-20181026.zip (player and recorder) standalone-vs1063.pdf

VS1053 Standalone Player / Recorder - VSIDE

A VSIDE Solution which implements SCI/Key/UART-controlled standalone player and recorder for VS1053b.

  • Plays audio files from MMC/SD/SDHC card. (standalone player)
  • Plays / records audio files from MMC/SD/SDHC card. (standalone recorder)
  • Code loaded and controlled through SCI, keys, and/or UART (configured from standalone.h)
  • Optional FLAC decoding (if not all other features used)
  • Source code offered as a VSIDE solution

Version: 1.30 (20161021)
Updated: 2016-10-21
Devices: VS1053b
Document: standalone-vs1053-vside.pdf
Download: vs1053-standalone-vside-133.zip

VS1103b DTMF Receiver - VSIDE

A VSIDE Solution which implements a Dual Tone Multi-Frequency receiver for VS1103b. Results can be read through SCI registers using a microcontroller.

  • Decodes DTMF keypress / release events
  • Buffers up to 63 events to ease the load of microcontroller
  • Source code offered as a VSIDE solution

Version: 1.00
Updated: 2013-07-24
Devices: vs1103b
Document: vs1103-dtmf-readme.txt
Download: vs1103-dtmf.zip

Other Solutions

VS1053/VS8053 ADMon EQ

  • Plays ADC input(s) through DAC with bass and treble controls, or EarSpeaker.
  • Is compatible with the spectrum analyzer plugin.
  • Can also pitch shift the output.
  • See PDF in the package for how to use.

Version: 1.2
Updated: 2020-01-16
Devices: VS1053b, VS8053b
Download: vs1053-admoneq12.zip

VS1053b / VS1063a Equalizer

  • Makes the VS1053 / VS1063 into an up to 22 / 28 channel equalizer, respectively.
  • Each filter can be set individually by the user by defining center frequency, amplification, Q value, and audio channel(s).
  • Audio delay approximately 3 ms.
  • Same binary works both on VS1053b and VS1063a.
  • New for v1.20: external SPI EEPROM image provided to make it possible to create a stand-alone system with preset values.
  • New for v1.30: Now also mono microphone input can be selected instead of default stereo line input
  • New for v1.40: UART controls added
  • New for v.1.50: Sine Generator and EarSpeaker support added

Version: 1.50
Updated: 2016-02-26
Devices: VS1053b, VS8053b, VS1063a, VS1163a, VS8063a
Document: VS1053_VS1063_Equalizer.pdf
Download: vs1053-vs1063-equalizer-150.zip

VS1053b / VS1063a WAV PCM Recorder Application

  • Allows the VS1053 / VS1063 to encode from microphone or line inputs into WAV PCM format.
  • 48 kHz or 24 kHz 16-bit stereo or mono, data rate from 384 to 1536 kbit/s.
  • 48 kHz stereo profile optimized for best possible audio quality:
    • Dynamic range 95 dB.
    • Interchannel isolation 95 dB.
    • Frequency response ±0.8 dB 20-20000 Hz, ±0.1 dB 70-20000 Hz.
  • Large audio buffer: 404 - 1616 milliseconds.
  • Encoded data must be read from VS1053 / VS1063 and written to external memory with microcontroller.

Version: 1.31
Updated: 2017-02-08
Devices: VS1053b, VS8053b, VS1063a, VS1163a, VS8063a
Document: VS1053_VS1063_PcmRecorder.pdf
Download: vs1053-vs1063-pcm-recorder-131.zip

VS1003B PCM Encoder

  • Instead of using IMA ADPCM like the normal encoding mode, this application provides the data as linear 16-bit PCM.

Version: 0.1
Updated: 2015-03-13
Devices: VS1003b
Download: vs1003b-pcm-010.zip

VS1003b/VS1033c/VS1053b Real-Time MIDI Input Application

  • Transforms the chip into a real-time MIDI synthesizer that takes input from a generic MIDI keyboard.
  • Requires some components to convert UART RX to MIDI IN.
  • Requires either SPI EEPROM for boot code, or external microcontroller to load the code.

Version: 1.2
Updated: 2016-06-23
Devices: VS1003b, VS1033c, VS1053b
Document: rtmidi.pdf
Download: rtmidi12.zip

VS1003b ADC Spectrum Analyzer

  • Provides up to 23 spectrum band analyzers for
    implementing a graphical spectrum analyzer display on the
    microcontroller. The analyzer works for the microphone or line input.

Version: 0.1
Updated: 2012-06-01
Devices: vs1003b
Document: vs1003adcSpecAna.pdf
Download: vs1003adcSpecAna010.zip

VS1063a SDIEncoder

  • Allows encoding of the codec-mode WAV formats into WAV, MP3 or Ogg Vorbis formats.

Version: 0.90
Updated: 2013-06-07
Devices: vs1063a
Document: vs1063a-sdiencoder.pdf
Download: vs1063a-sdiencoder090.zip

VS1063a SCIDecoder

  • Allows decoding of any supported audio format into codec-mode WAV formats.

Version: 0.80
Updated: 2011-10-24
Devices: vs1063a
Document: vs1063a-scidecoder.pdf
Download: vs1063a-scidecoder080.zip

VS1053 Ogg Vorbis Encoder Application

  • Allows the VS1053 to record from microphone or line inputs into Ogg Vorbis format.
  • Ogg Vorbis provides very good sound quality and small file sizes.
  • Encoded files can be played with any Ogg Vorbis supporting software/hardware including VS1053.
  • There are five main profiles provided, all with 6-11 discrete quality settings:
    • Voice: mono, profiles for 6-33 kbit/s @ 8 kHz.
    • Wideband Voice: mono, profiles for 6-63 kbit/s @ 16 kHz.
    • Wideband Stereo Voice: stereo, profiles for 9-136 kbit/s @ 16 kHz.
    • HiFi Voice: mono, profiles for 36-87 kbit/s @ 44.1 kHz.
    • Music: stereo, profiles for 44-135 kbit/s @ 44.1 kHz.
  • New for version 1.70c:
    • Enhanced streaming documentation
  • Listen to an audio sample recorded with a VS1053 using the Wideband Voice profile.

Version: 1.70c
Updated: 2012-11-16
Devices: VS1053b, VS8053b
Document: VorbisEncoder170c.pdf
Download: vs1053-vorbis-encoder-170c.zip

Standalone Player / Recorder Application

  • Uses the VS10xx SPI boot to implement a simple player with MMC/SD as storage without microcontroller.
  • Either 3-button user interface or control through serial control interface (SCI) or UART.

Download from: VS10xx Prototyping Board

DAC Mode Application

  • Provides low-delay 16-bit mono or stereo PCM sample output.
  • SDI FIFO and audio FIFO fill states can be monitored.

Version: 1.2
Updated: 2009-07-09
Devices: VS1053b, VS1033d, VS1033c, VS1003b, VS1002d, VS1011e
Document: dacmode.pdf
Download: VS10xx-dacmode120.zip

VS1053 Full-Duplex Application with Optional AEC (Legacy VSKIT version)

  • Provides two-way 16-bit (or ADPCM) mono communication with 8000Hz, 12000Hz, 16000Hz, or 24000Hz rate (with 12.288MHz crystal).
  • Legacy VSKIT source code included for your own additions and customization.
  • Optionally provides AEC (acoustic echo cancellation) function (with 8000Hz and 12000Hz rates).

Version: 0.51
Updated: 2008-11-05
Devices: VS1053b
Download: vs1053-duplex051.zip
Download: vs1053-duplex060beta.zip (both without and with AEC versions pre-compiled)

8 kHz Phone/Headset Application

  • Provides low-delay two-way exact 8000 Hz audio with 12 MHz, 12.288 MHz, or 13 MHz input clock.
  • Includes programmable monitor volume.
  • Can be converted to VS1033 as well if needed

Version: 0.60
Updated: 2005-02-14
Devices: VS1002d, VS1003b
Download: VS10xx-8kHz-060.zip