VS1005g VSOS3 and Applications with Source Code

Introduction to VSOS3

VS1005g programs (.DL3 and .AP3 applications and drivers) run under VSOS3 (VLSI Solution's Operating System version 3).

To get the VSOS3 operating system environment up and running, you need to

  • Program the latest VSOS3 Kernel to either the VS1005g internal SPI flash, or external SPI flash.
    • The kernel is included as a template in the free VSIDE software development system
    • VSIDE can be used to upload the kernel to the VS1005g DevBoard or BreakOut Board
  • Copy the VSOS3 System Root Files and your own applications to the SPI flash using USB

For the current development status of VSOS3, click here.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to join the VS1005 and VSOS Software section of our VSDSP Forum.

Two Basic Ways of Using VS1005g / VSOS3

There are two basic ways of how to use VSOS3:

  • UART-controlled player mode
    • User can list files, load and unload drivers, and run programs using the UART VSOS Shell environment
    • Makes it possible to create a flexible audio system controlled by a microcontroller through UART
    • Easy to test with a PC and terminal emulation program (115200 bps, 8N1)
  • Classical stand-alone mode, with a graphical touchscreen interface
    • Makes it possible to create a complete stand-alone system with a graphical user interface

VSOS3 Kernel 3.63

This is the VS1005 Operating System kernel. All VSOS3 applications require the kernel to be installed into the development board to work.

The latest revision of VSOS that is included in VSIDE is v3.63. Download the latest VSIDE by clicking here.

The latest stable release of VSOS is 3.63, which you can find in VSDSP Forum's VS1005 section. New, unstable and experimental releases are also going to be there. There you can also find installation instructions and other useful information. See for the latest messages for the newest version.

Below are the some main features of VSOS 3.63:

  • Modular microkernel
  • Device drivers and libraries can be loaded and unloaded on-demand
  • Startup configuration file config.txt tells device what drivers to load upon startup
  • UART command line shell makes it easy to configure on the run either using a terminal program or microcontroller
  • FAT12/16/32 file system read/write support from SD Card or SPI Flash
  • Unicode support
  • Zero-pointer call tracking
  • ROM-independent binaries

VSOS3 System Root Files

Below is a link to the current stable release of VSOS drivers and base applications, most of them with full source code, compilable with VSIDE.

In addition to this package, VSIDE contains some example application, library, and device driver templates. Check VSIDE for details.

VSOS Applications

The best place to look for VSOS applications is the "VSOS System Root Files, Libraries, Drivers + Documentation" package mentioned in the previous section. The package contains more than 160 software packages, most with source code and documentation.

In addition to the package, below are some application solutions running under VSOS which are not an integral part of VSIDE.

VS1005 Amp Board Software

Software specifically written for the VS1005 Amp Board is available at the VS1005 Amp Board page.


  • DSP Library for FIR filter implementation.
  • Full documentation with examples.
  • Contains VSIDE example solution with source code for VS1005.

Version: 1.00
Updated: 2015-04-30
Devices: VS1005g, VS1063a, VS1053b, VS1003b, VS1103b
Download: See VSDSP Forum page for VSIDE DSP Library

VS1005 Loopback Test

  • Demonstrates performance of the VS1005 Developer Board: how to measure it, and what results to expect.
  • Binary files AudioLoopback.ap3 (for VSOS3) and AudioLoopback.app (for VSOS0.2) included.

Version: 1.20
Modified: 2014-02-24
VSOS version: 3.06 / 0.24
Download: LoopbackTest.zip
Document: vs1005an_devboardperf.pdf

Instruction videos

Instruction videos on how to install VSOS, and how to compile and install drivers and applications, are available on YouTube. You can also download them from here.

Restoring a 'bricked' VS1005 board

Click this link to find out how to install the firmware and VSOS3 kernel to a VS1005g Developer Board which either has a corrupted firmware so that it cannot boot, or which you have built yourself and doesn't have VLSI's preinstalled firmware. Note that the earlier messages of the thread handle old VSOS kernel 0.20.

Legacy Software

Below is some non-supported legacy software written for earlier versions of VSOS. Please use the current release whenever possible.