All VS10XX devices have instruction RAM that can be used for customization. A host processor can be used to load a program to the RAM memory of VS10XX via SPI or UART. In many cases VS10XX can also load the application from external EEPROM when booting. We classify customization software into the following categories:

  • Plugin: Increases basic functionality; runs along with system firmware

  • Patch: Fixes software bugs or unwanted features. Remember to check if a patch set exists for your VS10XX IC!

  • Application: Replaces original functionality; takes control over firmware

  • Code example: A piece of source code clarifying certain details for software developers

  • Tools: Helper programs running on a PC

See also some example products at the Evaluation Boards section.


Integrated Development Tools (VSIDE)

Currently supports VS1005, VS1000, VS1053, VS1063, VS1003, VS1103, and their variants

VS1005 Software

VS1010 Software

VS10XX Software

Devices VS1063, VS1053, VS1033, VS1003, VS1002, VS1011, VS1001, VS1103

Check Patches and Plugins Resource Allocation to see which plugins and patches you can have active at the same time. 

VS1000 Software

Microcontroller software