VS8053/VS1053/VS1063 Developer Board

VS1053/VS8053 Developer Board


VS8053/VS1053/VS1063 Developer Board features comprehensive hardware interfaces for writing and testing various audio signal processing software on VS8053/VS1053 devices.

The connectors include headphone, line-in, line out, USB and UART. The user interface features a 1.77" TFT display and eight buttons. Many signals of the board have been routed to connectors for helping evaluation measurements and interfacing with other boards. The FM radio module uses headphone wire as antenna and gives one possible signal option for the line-input of VS8053/VS1053 devices.

The board is powered from the USB bus. The board has also charger circuit for 3.7V Li-on rechargeable battery cell. Serial port is used as a debugger interface and for loading code to VS8053/VS1053.


  • High Quality 16-bit, 48 kHz Stereo Audio Input from ADC (Line In).
  • An example Signal Processing Function: a simple amplifier.
  • High Quality Analog Stereo Audio Output (Line Out / Headphones).
  • FM Radio Module (PL102BC : TEA5767) Radio Channel Tuning.
  • 1.77" TFT LCD Graphical User Interface.
  • Button reading with optional button beep sound.
  • Audio Interrupt Handlers written in C Language.
  • Signal preconditioning filters: DC blocking and Saturation Limiter.
  • Source code available in VSIDE Integrated Development Environment.
  • SD card player with full source code.

Board Functionality which is currently OK

  • Stereo Line In.
  • Stereo Line Out and Headphone Out. (Same audio to both.)
  • FM Radio Module (PL102BC : TEA5767).
  • Headphone Wire Antenna / External Antenna Connector.
  • 1.77" TFT LCD Module.
  • 8 Buttons for User Interface.
  • Boot Select Button (for reflashing the SPI Flash).
  • Reset Button.
  • Extension Connectors for connecting MCU or other ICs.
  • USB Connector for Charging a Li-Ion Battery.*
  • Li-Ion Battery Connector and Li-Ion Battery Charger IC (100mA charging current).*
  • UART port for connecting VSIDE USB UART Cable.
  • USB SD Card Reader IC.

*) Battery not included.

Board Functionality which requires additional sofware not yet available

  • Electret Microphone.
  • Battery Level Monitor.
  • 25VF016 SPI Flash (16 megabit / 2 megabyte)*.
  • VS23S010 SPI RAM (1 megabit / 128 kilobyte) **.

*) The SPI flash can currently only be used for booting the board.

**) Engineering Sample of new product, may not be available on all boards