VS1010 Miniature USB ADC Board

VS1010 USB microSD Card Reader


  • VS1010D device in QFN-68 package
  • Miniature High Quality Low Latency 16bit USB ADC
  • Operates as a Standard USB audio device 
  • One LED for displaying operating state and USB audio level
  • Supports up to 16b/48kHz operation
  • Supported by most operating systems, does not require drivers


The VS1010 USB ADC adapter is a demonstration board which shows how the VS1010D can be used as a miniature size USB ADC. In this operating mode, the VS1010D functions as a USB standard audio device. No custom drivers are needed in the host PC or device, although custom firmware can be used to change vendor ID.

Custom firmware is always needed, so the board has an SPI NOR Flash.

Schematics, gerber documents and Eagle design files are available.