VS1010 Complete MP3 Player Board with LCD,FM module

  • VS1010 SD-Card Mini Player Board


  • VS1010D-Q device in QFN-68 package
  • LCD display (controlled by VS1010)
  • FM radio module
  • USB Mini-AB connector for PC USB connection
  • USB host connector
  • Micro-SD card holder
  • FM radio antenna connector
  • Line Out
  • Line Input
  • 13 buttons
  • battery operated RTC
  • amplifier for two speaker elements
  • SPI flash for storing application code
  • UART pin-header for software development 
  • Open source VSOS kernel and device drivers
  • Supported by VSIDE development tools
  • Supported audio format: MP3
  • Incredibly fast indexing (indexes 20,000 mp3 files in about 6 seconds)


The VS1010 Complete Player board is an example of a complete yet simple MP3 player. It's software package demonstrates following features: 

  • SD card MP3 player, supported format: MP3
  • USB memory stick MP3 player, supported format: MP3
  • LCD display control with VS1010 (3 commons, N segments)
  • SAR for line level audio input
  • SAR for analog FM radio input
  • Saves settings onto SPI flash
  • Fast Indexing of files (indexes 20,000 mp3 files in about 6 seconds)
  • Easy software development