VS1010 AudioBook Board

VS1010 Developer Board


  • VS1010D device in QFN-68 package
  • MicroSD slot for content
  • USB-A connector for content on memory sticks (software support not yet available)
  • USB-C connector for PC USB connection
  • 2 megabyte SPI flash for custom firmware
  • Headphone Out / Speaker Out
  • TPA2012 External D class amplifier
  • 0.49" OLED
  • 6 customizable push buttons
  • 6 customizable capacitive touch buttons
  • Open source VSOS kernel and device drivers
  • Supported by VSIDE development tools


The VS1010 AudioBook is an development board for VS1010 optimized for implementing e.g. audiobooks and tour guides. It has a 2 MiB SPI Flash memory for firmware and an MicroSD card connector for audiobook data.

The board includes two USB connectors, of which one can be used: USB-C for connecting as a device to a host PC, and USB-A for reading content from memory sticks (software support for USB-A not yet available). Conecnt can also be read either from a microSD card, or from a 128 MByte SPI Flash memory installed to the board. Audio can be output either through the headphone connector, or through a D-class amplifier to a speaker. A small 0.49" OLED can be used to show status. If required, the display can be exchanged to a larger one. Six buttons, or six capacitive touch keys can be used for user input. A UART debug interface is provided.

The board is powered by a LiPo battery that will be charged automatically when the device is connected to a USB power source.

The software is capable of fast user interfaces when connected to a display device that can show a few lines of text. The demonstration uses the UART for menu browsing. The firmware is free-to-use and provided with full source code.

VS1010 Audio Book board is available for purchase in the webstore.