VS1005 Dev Board Extension 1 - HiRes Recorder

  • VS1005 Hi-Res Player


  • Daughterboard to the VS1005 Developer Board
  • Contains:
    • VS23S040 4 Mbit S-RAM
    • 1.77" LCD with 8-bit parallel bus
    • Rotary Controller with one button and four clickable edges
    • Video output
    • AKM AK5720 96 kHz 24-bit I2S ADC to expand VS1005 audio inputs to 5 channels
  • Software:
    • Comes with VS1005 HiRes Recorder application installed:
      • Records stereo or 4 channels up to 96 kHz 24-bit uncompressed PCM to SD Card
      • Maximum tested SD card capacity 256 GB
      • Uses VS23S040 as a 4 Mbit audio buffer
      • Graphical user interface
      • Uses stdaudioin so can be configured to use either VS1005's own ADCs or external ADC
      • Dynamic range 98 dB(A) with VS1005's own ADC
      • For longer recordings, can split audio to multiple 2 GB files with zero sample loss, overcoming FAT32 file size limitations
      • Continuous Hi-Fi recording time on 256 GB card from over 60 hours (96kHz/24bit 4-channel) to over two weeks (48kHz/16bit stereo)
      • Automatic file system recovery if power is lost while recording
      • Full source code and documentation available
    • Board can also be configured for other applications, e.g. HiRes Player


VS1005 Dev. Board Extension 1 is a versatile extension board to the VS1005 Developer Board. It makes it possible to create many new applications in addition to what is already possible with the VS1005 DevBoard.

VS1005 HiRes Recorder is an application that uses several features of the Ext1: 1.77" LCD, rotary controller, and VS23S040 memory for buffering. The buffer memory is required because modern, large capacity SD cards sometimes pause up to 1 second when they are being written to. The battery backed-up memory of VS1005 is used for bookkeeping while recording, and if the unit loses main power during recording (battery drain, dropping the device, etc), the file system will automatically be restored at next restart, and only up to a few seconds of the recording will be lost.

If you are designing an actual 2-channel or 4-channel HiRes Recorder product, it can be made significantly simpler than the combination of the two cards presented on this page. If you are designing such a product, contact VLSI Solution for design help!