VS1005 Amp Board

VS1005 AmpBoard


  • 8 LEDs and 4 buttons for user interface
  • Analog XLR input and stereo RCA input with firmware-controllable voltage range select (input gain)
  • Amplifier output for speakers or speaker elements (2x40W to 8-ohm load, 2x70W to 4-ohm load, in bridged mode 1x135W to 2-ohm load)
  • Coaxial digital input and output (no audio driver for input yet)
  • USB connection for firmware update and/or parameter adjustments
  • microSD socket for audio data, firmware updates, data exchange, etc
  • Supply voltage from 7V to 26V (DC), center positive (power source not included)
  • Mounting holes, Solder points for additional interfaces and peripherals, such as IR receiver, microphone, UART, I2S, FM radio antenna
  • Supports VS1005, VS1205 and VS8005 devices
  • Open source VSOS kernel and device drivers, and example firmware
  • Supported by VSIDE development tools


  • Active speaker with crossover implemented by the firmware for two speaker elements.
  • Stereo amplifier with equalization filters.
  • Any kind of customized audio media player with a stereo speaker output.


The VS1005 Amp Board is an application development board for VS1005. It features a class D amplifier for direct connection to stereo speakers or individually driven speaker elements of one speaker.

The Amp Board has connectors for analog and digital inputs and outputs as well as speaker outputs.

The Amp Board also features eight LEDs and four buttons for a user interface.