VS1010 USB microSD Card Reader

VS1010 USB microSD Card Reader


  • VS1010D device in QFN-68 package
  • Miniature size micro SD card reader
  • Fast SD Card Controller with easy file reading and writing
  • Standard USB mass storage device


The VS1010 USB microSD card reader is a demonstration board which shows how the VS1010D can be used as an SD card reader. In this operating mode, the VS1010D functions as a USB standard mass storage class device, offering USB High Speed SD read and write access. No custom drivers are needed in the host PC or device, although custom firmware can enhance the data transfer speed and the end user experience.

The ROM firmware uses VLSI vendor and product IDs. Custom firmware is needed to allow custom USB vendor and product IDs and names as well as serial numbers.

Schematics, gerber documents and Eagle design files are available.