Evaluation Boards and Reference Designs by Application

Audio Slave Processor

In this category host processor transmits the audio stream to audio slave processor by using SPI interface. The non-volatile memory is connected to the host processor.

Audio Standalone Player

There is no host processor in this category. The audio recording or playback is controlled by the VSXXXX device. All our audio codecs support simple SD-card player or SPI flash player. VS1000 and VS1005 family suppport also parallel single level nand flash.

UART or SPI controlled Audio Player

These product provide a very simple way to add audio capability to existing products. The memory (SPI nor flash and/or SD-card) is connected to our device and host will simply send commands via UART or SPI to play or record the audio.

General Purpose Audio-in - Audio-out Signal Processing

In this category audio path is customized by using VSIDE tools. Audio input is analog or via SPI and output is analog or via I2S.

General Purpose Software Development Boards