VSMD001 - VS1000 Audio Module

VS1000 Audio Module


VS1000 Module is a very simple uart controlled Ogg Vorbis audio player. Ogg Vorbis file format is especially usefull for applications which require high compression of audio content. The audio content can be in the embedded flash or in the removable micro-SD card. Embedded nor type flash has two options 2MB and 16MB. It is recommended for the audio content when audio is frequently read (for best reliability). Micro-SD card (not included) can provide huge audio content but since most of the SD cards use multi-level nand flash architecture today they are not as well suited for constant reading over many years as embedded nor flash. The module supports all options and the decision between micro-SD card, 2MB flash and 16MB flash is left to the customer.

Interfacing with the host has been made very simple. Six wire connection (VCC, GND, RX, TX, LOUT, ROUT) is all that is typically needed to start audio. The module supports separate pins for headphone and line out. The audio content in micro-SD card and Flash are available as mass storage when USB pins are connected to the PC.

Hardware Features

  • Plays audio from micro-SD card or internal SPI Flash (or both)
  • Uses automotive graded embedded nor flash (2MB or 16MB) for boot firmware and/or audio content
  • Controlled from UART (or IO pins)
  • Uses high-performance license-free Ogg Vorbis decoder for compressed audio
  • Can be customized, both (program) functionality and audio content
  • Firmware customization tool VSIDE is available for free
  • Update/upgrade of the internal flash can be done from micro-SD card
  • Line-out or headphone stereo analog outputs with SNR>90dB (A-weighted)
  • Supports variable bit-rates and many sample rates
  • Single power supply 3.6...5.5V, Note: IOVDD is generated from internal regulators, IO pins are not 5V tolerant!
  • SD-card and Flash memory are visible as Removable Storage when USB is connected to a host. Files can be drag and dropped from the host
  • Low-power operation
  • Industrial temperature range -30degC to +85degC
  • uses VS1000 chip

Default Firmware

Default uart controlled player firmware has four functionalities:

  • usbmass - makes SPI flash memory visible as USB Mass Storage when USB is connected to PC
  • spiplayer - plays music files from SPI FLASH
  • sdplayer - plays music (Ogg Vorbis or WAV) from SD card
  • sdmass - makes SD card visible as USB Mass Storage when USB is connected to PC and SD card inserted
  • sdupdate program - updates firmware or content of the SPI FLASH from the SD card
  • the player operation is controlled from UART, with status prints available

Firmware Variations



Source Code



UART or GPIO Controlled player


See Datasheet


Can store and play files under UART control




Can add files to play list during playback unde UART control


Product Variations

Product no. Flash size Firmware Description
VSMD001V080 2MB v0.80-uart / uart-controlled, 2MB/16MB, DEFAULT FIRMWARE
VSMD001V072 2MB v0.72-uart / uart-controlled, 2MB/16MB
VSMD001V140 2MB v1.40 Voicemail application, 2MB/16MB
VSMD001V101 2MB v1.01 Voicemail application, 2MB
VSMD001V201 2MB v0.90 SDPlayerQueue, 2MB/16MB
VSMD001V042 2MB v0.4gpio / gpio-controlled, 2MB
VSMD001V060 2MB v0.6 / uart-controlled, 2MB
VSMD001V061 2MB v0.6-filemode / uart-controlled, starts in filemode, 2MB
VSMD001V065 2MB v0.6gpio / gpio-controlled, 2MB
VSMD001V066 2MB v0.6gpio-buttons / gpio-controlled with buttons, 2MB
VSMD001V071 2MB v0.7-uart-filemode / uart-controlled, starts in filemode, 2MB/16MB
VSMD001V901 2MB 01 customer version, 2MB
VSMD001V902 2MB 02 customer version, 2MB
VSMD021V080 16MB v0.80-uart / uart-controlled, 2MB/16MB, DEFAULT FIRMWARE
VSMD021V072 16MB v0.72-uart / uart-controlled, 2MB/16MB
VSMD021V140 16MB v1.40 Voicemail application, 2MB/16MB
VSMD021V201 16MB v0.90 SDPlayerQueue, 2MB/16MB
VSMD021V062 16MB v0.6-16M / uart-controlled, 16MB
VSMD021V063 16MB v0.6-16M-filemode / uart-controlled, starts in filemode, 16MB
VSMD021V067 16MB v0.6-16M-gpio / gpio-controlled, 16MB
VSMD021V068 16MB v0.6-16M-gpio-buttons / gpio-controlled with buttons, 16MB
VSMD021V073 16MB v0.72-uart-filemode / uart-controlled, starts in filemode, 2MB/16MB

Price and availability

  • Available from VLSI Solution and Distributors.
  • Unit price with Default uart controlled firmware is 5 Euro with 2MB flash and 6 Euro with 16MB flash (MOQ 100 pcs), VLSI Web Store, shipping costs not included.
  • Other versions have additional program loading fee of 0.50 Euro per unit for shipment quantities below 360pcs.

Optional Services

  • Audio content preparation 800 Euro per project
  • Custom firmware modification 800 Euro per day
  • Production tester/firmware and content loader 250 Euro (Manual device)