4 Mbit Versatile SPI / 8-Bit Parallel Bus SRAM with Video Display Controller

VS23S010C-L and -S block diagrams


The VLSI Solution VS23S040 is an easy to use, large capacity four megabit static RAM device. The memory can be accessed via a standard SPI compatible serial bus (1, 2 and 4-bit modes), or via an 8080-type 8-bit parallel bus similar to nand flash devices.

One of the main applications for the VS23S040 is using it as an audio buffer for audio recording applications. Especially recording non-compressed, high sample rate audio formats to SD cards using a microcontroller benefits from a large buffer memory. Other applications include microcontroller RAM extension and internet streaming applications. 

In addition to being used purely as a memory storage device the VS23S040 also contains a Video Display Controller that can output NTSC or PAL composite video, or VGA video from the memory array data to implement a video frame buffer.

VS23S040 is available in a small-footprint 5x5mm BGA24 package.


  • Flexible 1.5V - 3.6V operating voltage
  • 524,288 x 8-bit SRAM organization
  • Available in 5x5mm BGA24 package
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible
    • Byte, Page, and Sequential modes
    • Supports Single, Dual and Quad input read and write
    • Fast operation: the whole memory can be filled or read in 1,048,591 cycles (Quad-I/O SPI)
    • XHOLD and XWP pins
  • 8-bit Parallel Interface (Simplified 8080 and NAND FLASH Type Interface, VS23S010D-L only)
    • Sequential read and write in 4-byte blocks
    • Fast operation, the whole memory can be filled or read in 524,293 cycles
  • Integrated video display controller
    • Supports up to four NTSC and PAL composite video outputs
      • NTSC requires 3.58 or 28.64 MHz (8x colour carrier) crystal / clock input
      • PAL requires 4.43 or 35.47 MHz (8x colour carrier) crystal / clock input
    • Alternatively supports analog component (RGB) output
    • Fully configurable by user
    • 9-bit Video DAC and 8x video PLL
  • High operating frequencies
    • Up to 38 MHz for SPI
    • Up to 40 MHz for 8-bit parallel interface (VS23S010D-L only)
    • Over 35 MHz for Video Display Controller
  • Low-power CMOS technology
    • Read current 1.6 mA at 1 MHz (Single I/O, SO=0, TA=+85°C, VDD=3.3V)
  • Industrial temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Pb-Free and RoHS compliant package


Engineering samples are available in limited quantities.

Product variations and order codes

Device ID (order code) Package
VS23S040D-B BGA-24


VS23S040D-B: BGA24 5x5mm / Perspective view
VS23S040D-B: BGA24 5x5mm / Top and bottom view