VLSI Solution has developed new technology for integrated circuits close 20 years. The technology covers many applications and it is optimized for low power. The in-house library makes the company independent of commercial IP providers. This approach has many advantages:

  • Debugging is straightforward when database does not contain third party black boxes
  • The library blocks can be modified to the requirements of the application
  • The cost structure of the product does not contain hidden royalties
  • Multiple sourcing can be used for wafer manufacturing without modifying the database
  • The project organization is simple since all knowhow is under the same roof

Some IP blocks of the company

Low power DSP cores

  • 16 bit proprietary DSP core (VSDSP)
  • 24 bit 56002 binary compatible core


  • IDE for VSDSP core (c-compiler, debugger and simulator)
  • Real-time operating system for VSDSP
  • Audio decoders (MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Speex, ADPCM, MIDI)
  • Audio Encoders (Ogg Vorbis, Speex, ADPCM)
  • Audio feature processing
  • Proprietary wireless transceivers
  • FM radio
  • FAT and other file systems
  • 802.11 WLAN

Peripheral interfaces

  • UART, I2C, I2S, timer, keyboard, display, watchdog, SSI, SPI, USB (Hi-Speed)
  • SD-card host, Nand Flash controller
  • Reed-Salomon error correction
  • 3D graphics accelerator

DSP hardware

  • Sample rate converter
  • Interpolation and decimation filters
  • Asynchronous sample rate converter (120 dB performance)
  • GPS tracking

Low power memories

  • SRAM
  • ROM
  • DRAM
  • dual port SRAM


  • Audio ADC (24-bit, 99 dB DR A-weighted)
  • Audio DAC (24-bit, 96 dB DR A-weighted)
  • SAR ADC and DAC (8-12 bits, 1-1000 kS/s)
  • RTC, OSC, PLL, temperature monitor, voltage monitor, bandgap reference
  • High-speed ADC (22 MHz, 8-bit)
  • High-speed DAC (110 MHz, 10-bit)
  • Speaker driver
  • Earphone driver
  • Linear regulators
  • DC-DC converters, battery charging
  • CMOS image sensors (X-ray application)

RF Analog

  • 1.6-2 GHz LNA and mixer
  • PLL
  • synthesizer
  • 40-50 MHz FM receiver/transmitter
  • FM radio front end
  • GPS receiver

IO Structures

  • Oscillators
  • IO pads (4kV HBM)
  • ESD Clamp
  • Laser link fuse