Quality Statement

Our objective is to provide high quality products that exceed the expectations of our customers. In order to do this, we have implemented quality systems and processes that are continually being improved.

The quality system sets the agenda for both our own activities and subcontracted services. Our quality system is based on ISO 9001:2000 standard. Copy of the quality manual is provided here.

Product Development

We do all our product development in projects. The product development process consists of steps shown in flow diagram below. The steps are managed by design reviews to ensure the quality.

Product development flow

Product Qualification

We divide the product qualification into three subclasses: package, device, and process capability.




  • 100% 2nd optical yield data and defect model
  • 100% 3rd optical yield data and defect model
  • die shear or adhesion strength
  • bond pull
  • ball pull
  • wedge pull
  • ball shear plating thickness and composition
  • solderability
  • package dimensions
  • solder ball shear
  • lead scan
  • coplanarity
  • FVI yield and defect mode
  • x-ray
  • c-scan and tscan


  • high temperature storage
  • temperature cycling
  • autoclave


  • electrical temperature characterization: each device is tested by using the characterization test program in three temperatures and three operating voltage conditions. Devices are taken from corner processed wafers (five corners)
  • latch-up immunity: I-Test and Voltage test high temperature operating
  • life test: +125 degC, 1000 h, device biased to maximum operating voltage and activity


  • yield in wafer process corners
  • repeatability test of a typical device
  • cp and cpk analysis of a typical process


Product Return Policy

Product acceptance is described in the VLSI Solution's General Terms and Conditions of Sale of VLSI Solution. Below is summary of chapters 7 and 9.

Products are accepted, if no written notice is sent to VLSI Solution within 30 days of the shipment. The criteria for acceptance or refusal is the datasheet issued on the day the order has been placed. (Chapter 7)

The period of warranty is 12 months and calculated from the shipment date. Any defects that have not been detected within 30 days of the delivery in spite of careful examination must be communicated to VLSI Solution in writing and stating sufficient reasons, immediately after becoming known. VLSI Solution will repair, replace or give credit for defective products. Warranty is not valid, if the products are handled after their acceptance in an improper manner or not according to the instructions recommended by the VLSI Solution.  (Chapter 9).

RMA Process

Complaints are handled with the flow presented on the right. The process has seven steps:

  1. Fill the RMA form.

  2. Send it to quality@vlsi.fi.

  3. Wait for an RMA number.

  4. You will get back the form with RMA number and instructions (Chapter 7).

  5. Send the (sample of) defected units to VLSI.

  6. Wait for 8D report.

  7. If 8D report has approval of material return ship all agreed units for replacement.

The process starts by sending filled RMA form to quality@vlsi.fi. The form collects summary of the problem and affected lots. The RMA forms are available under Quality documents of the support Documents page. Fill instructions of the RMA form are at the end of the form.

Most of the issues found by the customers need just product support. Requests of this kind are forwarded to our technical support team.

In case that customer is reporting issue that is new to us, we will do a  failure analysis. We will then ask customer to send small amount of nonconfirming devices and/or end products for our investigation. 

The first step of the failure analysis is to verify the device status, is it failing in electrical re-test  and can the reported problem be reproduced.

When real issue has been confirmed then the objective is to find the root cause and execute corrective actions. Customer is reported by using 8D template. Finally, assuming that failure analysis has proven a nonconfirming product, customer will receive instructions to return the parts for repair, replacement or credit.

Shipment of Return Materials

When shipping the return materials the proforma invoice from customer shall include the following information:

RMA number

(RMA number from VLSI)


(Device name such as VS1011E-L)


(Number of returned devices) pcs


USD 0,01/ea, total (???) USD

Country of origin

(Your country)


Attach the address label on the outer delivery box. Do not write anything on the inner boxes. Products should be 100% reusable, so pack the products properly and handle all the material with care. The packing should be done as the original packing.