Photos of 25th anniversary celebration of VLSI Solution

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The celebration was held at Vaihmalan hovi in Lempäälä, about a 25-minute drive from Tampere.
The welcome drink was enjoyed in a glass pavilion. This photo was taken before guests arrived, though.
Those who came with their own cars were first on location because both buses were a bit late due to the evening traffic peak.
Still waiting for the buses.
After welcoming our guests, giving a short description of the evening program, and enjoying toasts of sparkling wine we went to the main building for dinner.
The jazz duo Juho Nummelin and Ari Karema played background classics during dinner.
This picture is after dinner. At the back of the front table are, from left to right, Jori and ex-VLSI Tero, our accounting partner Ritva talking to former VLSI emplyee Tomi, then another ex-VLSI Tero. At the front of the table sit our accounting partner Henri, Tomi's wife, and finally former VLSI emplyee Pekka.
Next in the program was Teppo's speech.
The speech was focusing on the history of VLSI, highlights of recent achievements, team spirit, and the future of the company.
Sitting at the front table front there are two distributors Harald and Ute and our old friend Nikolay. At the next table we have at the left end Jukka Aaltonen who is the Chairman of our BOD, then ex-BOD member Markku, then Tuukka and Cathlene, and Tapio besides Lasse's wife.
Next in the program there was a fire show presented by Taikatulet Fire Arts at the front of the hotel.

Our main performer was Petteri Sariola. He gave us an exceptional show.
As an audio company we really enjoyed his rich sound and technical capability.
Our distributors Fiona and Baron, and Panu's wife Emilia are watching the performance.
On the left side of Fiona there are Ex-VLSI Pekka (back), Timo and Panu.
At the back corner of the table we have Tomi.
Our Korean distributors Park and Mitch.
On the left side of the table (three first ones practically invisible): Sami, Hannu's wife Hanna, Päivi, Nikolay and our distributor Harald. On right side: Sami's wife Anu, Hannu, Päivi's husband Janne, followed by distributors Avni and Ute.
Front left there are Cathlene and Tapio, front right Markku and ex-VLSI Sami, and in the back there is our auditor Jonna with his husband Juha.
Our oldest distributor Nelson (grey suit) watches the show, as well as our distributor Holmes and Teppo's wife Elina (blue dress).
At the front, unfortunately slightly out of focus, is our distributor Kenneth.
Former VLSI employee Pekka discusses with his wife Päivi. Behind them are Pasi and his wife.
From left to right: Jori, Tero, a glimpse of Tuukka, Lasse's housemate, Lasse, Toni, and former VLSI employee Rauli.
Ex-VLSI Ville is sitting at the left.
It was exciting for ex-VLSI people to see what has been achieved during last years; in this case, a prototype of the DSPeaker X4 audio processor.
Time for a few speeches! Our partners and ex-emplyees both gave us many presents and shared some nice memories from days long gone past.
After sharing some of his memories, former employee Tomi-Pekka gave VLSI a champagne bottle that is as old as the company.
Ex-VLSI Sami gave his beautiful flowers to Päivi for her exceptional flexibility with last-minute party arrangements.
Päivi was pleasantly surprised.
Former VLSI employee Janne, a born story teller, had remarkably funny memories from the early days of VLSI.
Pekka, ...
... Elina, ...
... and Tero worked for many years at VLSI and still actively participate in most of our parties.
Henri gave warm thanks from Technopolis.
Last but not least Avni wanted to thank for the nice party.