Photos of 20th anniversary celebration of VLSI Solution

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The celebration begins with a bus from Tampere to Valkeakoski.
We approach Visavuori, our departure pier.
We are at Visavuori. It was home of Emil Wikströmin and Kari Suomalainen. Today it is a museum. Unfortunately we did not have time to go inside.
The boat was waiting us at the pier.
M/s Tammerkoski.
Time to tell what we are going to have for a dinner.
Daniel, Harry, Mitch and Arkadiuz.
Toni, Tuukka and Kathleen.
Pyhäjärvi lake.
Pyhäjärvi lake.
Houses at Lempäälä.
One of many piers at Pyhäjärvi.
Bridge over the channel.
Lempäälä channel.
The difference of the water level was just 1-2m.
The gates are opening.
Harald and Nelson.
Here also Arkadiuz.
The founders of VLSI.
The current shareholders of VLSI.
The Distributors...
and here too.
Jukka, the chairman of the BOD.
VLSI got some nice presents, unfortunately we do not have photos of all people. Here Tero, Elina and Taina represented by Taina.
Impressive gift from Nelson.
Nelson explained the symbolic meaning of the art.
Nelson was rewarder as best distributor of 2011.
Markku gave thanks for organizing the event.
Our music in the evening was jazz by Heikki Sarmanto band and Pamela Kilpelä singing.
Kenneth and Harry at the back.
Henrik, Holmes and Kenneth at the center.
We arrived in Laukontori at 22:20. Notice it is not dark.
We continued the party with drinks at Plevna. Here Minna, Nikolay and Pasi are at the front, Kirsti and Jukka at the back.
Henrik and Harald are at the front, Tommi, Ritva, Markku and Tapio are at the back.
Jouni and Taina are at the back.
And we had absolutely no problems ...
to wake up early next morning ...
and continue the Workshop with the Distributors.