About us

VLSI Solution is an innovative new technology creator that designs and manufactures integrated circuits.

Our strength is its capability to create unique signal processing solutions for very large scale integrated (VLSI) circuits. Half of our staff is working in research and development (R&D). Our big R&D effort produces a continuous flow of new, innovative solutions. Our focus is in mixed-signal low power applications.

VLSI Solution creates and owns all technology that it uses. This way products can be made optimal for the application. Full control of the technology is a big advantage when multiple manufacturing sites are required for high volume.

Our manufacturing capability is based on foundry partners located in Europe and Asia. The partners make it possible to use modern manufacturing technologies at competitive price. Our logistic, test and quality operations ensure full control of the process flows, product quality and shipment schedules.

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Integrated circuits are our products.
Integrated circuits are our products.