VS1005g Applications with Source Code

These are examples of complete VS1005-based applications. All of these examples run with the VSIDE software development system.

Click here for VS1005 firmware status.

NOTE: The kernel and all applications are written for VS1005g only. VS1005f is not supported.

VSOS3 0.312 and VSOS 0.25 Kernels

This is the VS1005 Operating System. All VSOS applications require VSOS to be installed into the development board to work.

The latest stable release is included in the newest revision of VSIDE, which you can download by clicking here.

For the latest development non-stable revision of VSOS, see VSDSP Forum's VS1005 section.

Read about the current state of VSOS by clicking here.

Below are the some main features of VSOS 0.312:

  • Modular microkernel
  • Device drivers and libraries and be loaded and unloaded on-demand
  • Startup configuration file config.txt tells device what drivers to load upon startup
  • Improved SD card driver
  • Graphics library allows horizontal or vertical operation
  • FAT12/16/32 file system support with long file names
  • VSOS3 is recommended for all new projects

Below are the some main features of legacy VSOS 0.250:

  • Like VSOS 0.241, but with stability updates backported to the operating system
  • Recommended for projects that are so close to ready that it doesn't make sense to move to VSOS3
  • Not recommended for new projects

VSOS Applications

The current VSIDE release contains many example applications and libraries. For a quick install of the libraries without recompiling them, you can download and unzip them to your SD card. (Note: don't destroy the folder structure.)

Below are some application solutions running under VSOS which are not an integral part of VSIDE.

VS1005 MP3 Recorder Example

  • Demonstrates how to record in MP3 format.
  • VU meter.
  • Next and Stop buttons.
  • Binary file Mp3Encoder.ap3 included.
  • Full source code and compiled binary file SimpleMp3Encoder.ap3 included.
  • Buffering library FILEBUF.DL3, which helps achieving uninterrupted sound, also included

Version: 0.005
Modified: 2014-09-25
VSOS version: 3.12
Download: See VSDSP Forum page for MP3 Recorder

VS1005 Loopback Test

  • Demonstrates performance of the VS1005 Developer Board: how to measure it, and what results to expect.
  • Binary file AudioLoopback.APP included.

Version: 1.20
Modified: 2014-02-24
VSOS version: 0.24 / 0.306
Download: LoopbackTest.zip
Document: vs1005an_devboardperf.pdf

Restoring a 'bricked' VS1005 board

Click this link to find out how to install the firmware and VSOS kernel version 0.20 to a VS1005g Developer Board which either has a corrupted firmware so that it cannot boot, or which you have built yourself and doesn't have VLSI's preinstalled firmware.