VoIP Speaker Phone with Acoustic Echo Cancellation

VoIP Speaker Phone with Acoustic Echo Cancellation


  • PC peripheral
  • Connected to USB - no other cables needed
  • Five-in-one functionality:
    • VoIP (Skype etc.) speaker phone with Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    • Media player
    • Voice recorder
    • USB Mass storage device
    • Sound card
  • Automatic acoustic echo cancellation
  • No software drivers needed
  • 8 kHz voice recording to memory card
  • Supports various media formats: MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, WAV


VoIP Speaker Phone is an example of a product that can be built by using VS1000 and VS1003 devices.

It features multiple functions, good audio quality and low power consumption.

Due to sophisticated built-in acoustic echo cancellation algorithm, it is well suited for applications that require hands-free communication via speaker phone.