VSMD301 - VS1103 Audio Module

VS1103 Audio Module


VS1103 Module is a very simple uart-controlled WAV/MIDI audio player or recorder. The audio content can be in the embedded flash or in the removable micro-SD card. Six wire connection (VCC, GND, RX, TX, LOUT, ROUT) is normally all that is needed. The module supports separate pins for headphone and line out. WAV file format is especially useful for applications which require low latency.

Hardware Features

  • Plays audio from micro-SD card or internal SPI Flash (depending on firmware)
  • Controlled from UART and/or serial control interface (SCI)
  • Supports WAV (linear PCM and IMA ADPCM) or MIDI (format 0) audio formats
  • Both firmware functionality and audio content can be customized
  • Firmware customization tool VSIDE is available for free
  • Update/upgrade of the internal flash is performed through UART pins.
  • Line-out or headphone stereo analog outputs, typical dynamic ratio is 90 dB
  • Supports many sample rates
  • Single power supply 4.0...6.0V, Note: IO pins (except RX) are not 5V tolerant!
  • Low-power operation
  • Industrial temperature range -30degC to +85degC

Firmware Options

Firmware options are:

  • sdplayer - plays music (MIDI or WAV) from SD card, controlled with serial control interface
  • spiplayer - plays music (MIDI or WAV) from the SPI FLASH, controlled with serial control interface or UART
  • rtmidimodule - generated MIDI instrument sounds, controlled by real-time MIDI commands through UART (31250bps)
  • recmodule - plays sounds (MIDI, WAV) from the SPI FLASH and records sounds (WAV) from line input or microphone input to the SPI FLASH under UART or SCI control.

See vs1103module.pdf for details.

Product Variations

Order Code Flash size Description Availability
VSMD301V060 2MB VS1103 Audio Module with Default firmware (sdplayer) Production
VSMD321V060 16MB VS1103 Audio Module with Default firmware (sdplayer) Production

Price and availability

  • Available from VLSI Solution and Distributors.
  • Unit price 5 Euro with 2MB flash and 6 Euro with 16MB flash (MOQ 100 pcs), VLSI Web Store, shipping costs not included.
  • Custom (BX) versions have additional program loading fee of 0.50 Euro per unit.

Optional Services

  • Audio content preparation 800 Euro per project
  • Custom firmware modification 800 Euro per day
  • Production tester/firmware and content loader 250 Euro (Manual device)