VS1010 DevBoard Schematics v1.4.3 and v1.5.0 Date: 2018-12-10 Age: 65 days

VS1010 Developer Board schematics has been updated. There are two versions: v1.4.3 which is for the current Developer Boards, and v1.5.0, which is recommended as a base for new VS1010 designs.

VS23S0x0 datasheets updated Date: 2018-10-01 Age: 135 days

VS23S010 datasheets have been updated to v0.96, and the V23S040 datasheet to v0.4.

VS1010 datasheet v0.09 Date: 2018-09-28 Age: 138 days

The VS1010 datasheet has been updated from VS1010c to VS1010d. Along this change to the new IC version, the new datasheet adds a mention of virtual instruction memory and removes a disclaimer regarding WMA, AAC, and OGG playback.

VS1010 datasheet v0.08 Date: 2018-08-28 Age: 169 days

The VS1010 datasheet has been updated. The new version adds two chapters that elaborate on the audio file formats that can be played, and on the storage media that can be used for audio playback.

VS1010 USB-UART Schematics v1.5 Date: 2018-08-09 Age: 188 days

The schematics of the VS1010 USB-UART converter board has been updated to v1.5. The new release adds a pull-up resistor to TX0 and changed the value for C20 from 1 to 10µF.

--> Download shematics

VS1010 DevBoard Schematics v1.4.2 Date: 2018-07-04 Age: 224 days

VS1010 Developer Board schematics has been updated to v1.4.2. For details on the several small but important changes, see page 1 of the schematics.

VS1003 Datasheet v1.09 Date: 2018-03-16 Age: 334 days

The VS1003 Datasheet has had a minor update.

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